Simply look for the QualityTrusted™ seal to:
  • TRUST that the ingredients will help and not harm you.
  • TRUST the real and independent clinical studies and scientific data.
  • TRUST the company and manufacturing facility.
  • TRUST that the manufacturing facility is FDA Registered.
  • TRUST that the laboratory is in fact cGMP Certified.

Merchant Information

How a simple little seal on your website can quickly lead to:

FACT: Right now, your customers and prospects are hesitant to buy from you.

It’s not your fault. No matter if you have the most beneficial supplements made from the highest quality ingredients in a top-rated manufacturing facility that is FDA registered and cGMP certified, they are still hesitant. Why?

Because the health supplement industry is one of the most distrusted industries today.

Combine that with the continuous concern of ordering products online, and you have a customer base that is skeptical, exceptionally guarded and hesitant to buy your products.

In fact, before they add one of your products to the shopping cart, most all of your customers are asking themselves:

Unfortunately, to get those answers they need, most probably won’t read or even believe the words on your website. They’ll simply LEAVE WITHOUT BUYING ANYTHING!

Give your customers the confidence they need to BUY your supplements

When your website and product supplements feature a Quality Trusted seal, their mindset changes.

Now, because they have a rating from an independent and trusted source, they become less guarded. Less skeptical. Simply by seeing that seal, the words on your website become genuine.

Your customers begin to believe your products WILL help them. And that’s all they need to add your products to their cart.

Have you ever heard the fact that people buy on emotions, but they use logic to complete the transaction?

It’s true. Your consumers may want better health or a better body, and that’s why they’re on your site. But then, before they pull their credit card from their wallet, something triggers inside their mind.

And they hesitate.

And that’s all it takes. That moment of hesitation can many times PREVENT the order. And that’s precisely what QualityTrusted eliminates.

Because they both sides of their brain — the emotional and reasoning sides — are satisfied, there’s zero hesitation. What that means for you and your business…

Not only are all of those benefits POSSIBLE when you become a QualityTrusted merchant, they are expected! It’s the reason why QualityTrusted is one of the fastest growing quality certification companies online… and also the reason why merchants are lining up for our services.