Simply look for the QualityTrusted™ seal to:
  • TRUST that the ingredients will help and not harm you.
  • TRUST the real and independent clinical studies and scientific data.
  • TRUST the company and manufacturing facility.
  • TRUST that the manufacturing facility is FDA Registered.
  • TRUST that the laboratory is in fact cGMP Certified.

Merchant Benefits

It’s amazing what happens inside your prospect’s mind the minute he or she sees our independent quality certification seal associated with your website and products.

First, their defenses drop. No longer are they wondering if the product will do what you say it will do.

Next, because they have new peace of mind, they are more comfortable browsing around your site. Suddenly their mindset switches from, “Which product should I order?” to “Which PRODUCTS should I order?”

That’s the impact our QualityTrusted seal has on THEIR MIND.

But this is the impact it can have on YOUR SALES!

Amazing as it seems, featuring an independent quality process works. It’s been proven for years on websites. Simply by displaying that seal, website conversion shoots up and sales increase exponentially!

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