Merchant FAQ's

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Who is QualityTrusted?

Good question. We are an independent organization created to eliminate the concerns and risk of shopping for and purchasing both supplements and health and wellness products online. For merchants who choose to use our services, we provide a comprehensive research and clinical testing program.

From the results of the thorough testing, the supplement merchant is given a rating. When the merchant adds this rating to their own website, their buyers will immediately know the quality (or lack of quality) of their products.

Why should merchants use QualityTrusted?

You may manufacture or distribute the highest quality of supplements and health and wellness products available. However, your prospects and customers may not know that. Because the online supplement industry is ripe with poor quality products and unethical business practices, consumers are not sure who to believe.

Because we are an independent organization specializing in the supplement and health products arena, we can communicate to your customers and prospects that your products, your manufacturing process and your ingredients are of the highest quality and safe to ingest.

Can a little QualityTrusted seal really increase my sales?

Absolutely! It already has for many merchants. Just as the VeriSign seal communicates confidence and peace of mind when using a website, our QualityTrusted seal does the same for supplement buyers.

You can have all the right facts and research on your product page. But adding a QualityTrusted seal is the independent proof your customers look for that proves your products are top quality.

How can QualityTrusted give me a grade? You don’t know our company.

We do know supplements as we have years of experience in the supplement and health products market. We do not haphazardly arrive at a grade. We have a comprehensive evaluation process consisting of:

Only after each of these points of research and testing are complete do we offer an accurate grade from A+ to F.

What other industries is QualityTrusted affiliated?

Short answer: None.

QualityTrusted is unique because everyone on our team are experts in supplements and health products. Therefore, 100% of our focus goes to ensuring your supplements are safe.

I represent a large/small supplement manufacturer. Can we get certified by QualityTrusted?

Of course. Our goal is to provide prospects and customers transparency so they can confidently shop for the supplements they want. It doesn’t matter if your company does hundreds of millions in sales or if you’re new to the industry.

Likewise, QualityTrusted prides itself on being a fair company. We do not favor any company over another. And we do not accept monetary reward for better scores.

Our products received a great grade, can I promote it?

Absolutely. We have had merchants in the past who have created brochures, press releases and entire advertising campaigns based on their quality scores. We encourage it. After all, the more reason you have to communicate to your customers that your products are top-rated, the more business you’ll get.

Our products received a poor grade, now what?

We are sorry to hear your products received a low grade. Our testing process is thorough, so we stand by the grade. However, you may re-evaluate your product’s ingredients, manufacturing processes and clinical studies. With any improvement, you may re-submit your products to be tested again.

How do merchants install the QualityTrusted seals?

We will provide to you all of the html code and graphic files necessary to apply your seals to your website, product pages, as well as printed literature. If you have an IT person on staff, it should take just a minute or two.

How do I get started?

Simply click here to go to our Merchant Signup page. All of the instructions you will need are on that page.