Simply look for the QualityTrusted™ seal to:
  • TRUST that the ingredients will help and not harm you.
  • TRUST the real and independent clinical studies and scientific data.
  • TRUST the company and manufacturing facility.
  • TRUST that the manufacturing facility is FDA Registered.
  • TRUST that the laboratory is in fact cGMP Certified.

Consumer Benefits

Did you know supplements and many health products are not regulated by the FDA?

Think about that. When you buy chicken breasts from a local grocery store, you have the peace of mind and confidence that the chicken was processed in a clean facility by licensed operators. And when your family eats it, they’ll be safe.

That’s not the case for the supplement industry. Sure, the large majority of the manufacturers and suppliers are reputable businesses with your best interest in mind…

But you never know which products may either harm you or simply not help you!

The result: Our QualityTrusted seal on a site where health and wellness products are sold simply means you can TRUST them. Trust the manufacturer, trust the supplier, trust the ingredients, trust the product, and trust your results.