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Who is QualityTrusted?

Good question. We are an independent organization created to eliminate the concerns and risk of shopping for and purchasing both supplements and health and wellness products online. For merchants who choose to use our services, we provide a comprehensive research and clinical testing program.

From the results of the thorough testing, the supplement merchant is given a rating. When the merchant adds this rating to their own website, their buyers will immediately know the quality (or lack of quality) of their products.

What precisely does your testing and research consist of?

Another great question. You’re full of them!

Our supplement experts and clinical researchers conduct thorough testing and analysis of every supplement and product they can. Their comprehensive evaluation process consists of:

What other industries is QualityTrusted affiliated?

Short answer: None.

QualityTrusted is unique because everyone on our team are experts in supplements and health products. Therefore, 100% of our focus goes to ensuring your supplements are safe.

Who uses QualityTrusted?

Anyone and everyone.

If you have ever purchased supplements online, you have probably already seen our QualityTrusted seal on several ecommerce websites. If you have never purchased supplements online, you may not know us yet, but you will.

How do I know if my supplement supplier is QualityTrusted certified?

Simply look for our seal. It looks like this: (show seal)

If you do not see the QualityTrusted seal on their website, that does not mean their products are dangerous. It simply means that we have not reviewed their products, ingredients and manufacturing facilities.

How do I know what the QualityTrusted grade is for my supplement supplier?

Again, just look for our seal that features their grade. It looks like this: (show seal)

Our grades range from A+ to F. Just as in school, A+ means excellent, C means average, and F, well, you may want to shop elsewhere.

My supplement supplier features other certifications on its website? Is that good enough?

There are many certifications in this industry. Some are legitimately earned. Others are not. Therefore, even if a website features multiple certifications, it doesn’t guarantee their products are safe or will do what they say.

In other words, we cannot be responsible for other certifications. Only ours.

My supplement supplier DOES feature the QualityTrusted seal. Does that mean it is guaranteed?

We can guarantee that we thoroughly reviewed their supplements, manufacturing facilities and even their clinical studies. However, since we are not the product manufacturer or distributor, we cannot guarantee the safety or effectiveness of any product.