Simply look for the QualityTrusted™ seal to:

  • TRUST that the ingredients will help and not harm you.
  • TRUST the real and independent clinical studies and scientific data.
  • TRUST the company and manufacturing facility.
  • TRUST that the manufacturing facility is FDA Registered.
  • TRUST that the laboratory is in fact cGMP Certified.

Look for the Quality Trusted seal when buying health and wellness supplements.
It delivers peace of mind, confidence and trust.

This day and age, there are two ways you can be confident that the supplements you’re considering purchasing online will do what the manufacturer claims, contains high quality ingredients and won’t harm you.

First, you could spend weeks or months researching all known ingredients and their reactions for that supplement. Then, fly to the manufacturing facility, and scrutinize every step in the manufacturing process. You’re not done yet, now you must research all available scientific and clinical data on the product and ingredients.

OR you could simply look for the QualityTrusted™ seal on the product or website. That little seal means that we’ve already done all the work for you.

You see, our merchants can’t pay us for a top grade. And we don’t give it to them easily. They have to earn it by first going through a demanding interview process and then opening up their entire manufacturing process to our expert team.

By seeing the QualityTrusted™ seal on their website, you will know that our team has invested countless hours:



Then, so you can form an instant impression about the quality and safety of a supplement and its manufacturer, we give each product a grade from F to A+. When you see an A+, you can be sure the supplement contains the highest quality ingredients and is manufactured in quality-controlled facility.